How Much Does It Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia Page Creation Cost And Everything You Need To Know

Everybody knows about Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia ranks as the 4rth most visited website after Google, YouTube, and Facebook, respectively. The website is important for the one who wants to attract a larger audience.

Undoubtedly the website is the first source of information about any subject. And now, marketers are using it for their benefit. The demand for Wikipedia pages is increasing, and professionals are there to create Wikipedia pages for anyone. That is why the cost for Wikipedia page also varies depending on the services, packages, and companies you choose.

If you want to know the cost to create a Wikipedia page, continue reading.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia page creation is a critical process. You must have to take care of the list of guidelines of Wikipedia, the tone and style of writing, and then the formatting of the whole page. You can hire a company that provides Wikipedia page creation services.

How much does it cost to make a Wikipedia page? On average the page creation for Wikipedia will cost you $400 to $800.

Wikipedia Guidelines To Know Before Creating A Page

Wikipedia has a set of guidelines that everyone has to follow in order to keep the content full of information and true. The Wikipedia policies and guidelines help the author to write according to the platform requirement.



Wikipedia Notability is the test that editors use to decide whether the topic warrants its own article or not. All the information on Wikipedia has to be provable. If the topic is not reliable and independent, it should not have a separate article.

The concept of notability is basic. It is the standard to avoid the indiscriminate inclusion of topics. The articles or pages must have to be worthy to add.

Core Content Policy

The content on Wikipedia is governed by three principles of core content policies – neutral POV, verifiability, and no original research. These policies help to determine the quality and type of the material accepted by Wikipedia. The quality and type of the content should not be interpreted in isolation from one another.

Citing Sources

A citation or a reference must have to identify the source of information.  The citation is really important to add to your Wikipedia page. By citing sources, you enable the readers to verify the information you provided. It improves the credibility of the page.

Ownership Of Content

Volunteer contributors edit the pages and articles on Wikipedia. They are also known as Wikipedians.  No one has the right to own the articles. Even the subject, whether a business or a person, does not own the article. No one can claim ownership of content.


On Wikipedia, vandalism has a specific meaning. The removal of content or the change in content beyond all recognition without regard to the content policies of neutral POV, verifiability, and no original research, is considered a process to damage the platform. Remember that even if misguided, willfully against the consensus, or disruptive, any good effort to improve Wikipedia is not vandalism.

Can You Pay Someone To Create A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is a free to upload platform. You can create your page without any charges on Wikipedia. But if you don’t know how to write a Wikipedia page for yourself, then you can hire professionals and pay them to create a Wikipedia page for you. If you still wonder, can you pay someone to create a Wikipedia page for yourself? The answer is yes. The ideal budget for a Wikipedia page creation is between $300 to $2500.

The average cost of wiki page creation starts from $400. And as the quality and amount of services increase, it can cost you more than $5000.

Reasons Why Wikipedia Page Is Important

Wikipedia is an exceptional web portal for gathering information and spreading the word about yourself or your businesses. The main purpose of the platform is to offer unbiased and verified information. It has an outstanding reputation among all information collectors.

Wikipedia has a lot of advantages, especially for those who want to grow and expand. If you are also looking for ways to expand your visibility, then Wikipedia is the best option. There are many advantages of creating a Wikipedia page. Some of them are mentioned below.

The SEO Ranking Booster

Creating a Wikipedia page for your business is the best step to take. A Wikipedia page automatically shows your website link on the top of Google searches, and every business wants this. The optimization increases because people value and prefer information on Wikipedia. Your visibility becomes neutral and equitable. They cover the past, present, and ongoing events in your business and services exactly.

Increase Visibility

It is mentioned from the start that Wikipedia is a great source to increase visibility. The team members of Wikipedia make sure that the consumer’s demand can’t be neglected. The Wikipedia page can be a great source to extend your target audience. The page will help you to grab the attention of new readers, and if everything goes right, you can turn those readers into leads.

Fastest Medium Of Promotion

Wikipedia is popular among businesses and marketers as the best marketing tool. Everything is available on the wiki link, including books, people, products, brands, and more. You can search for anything within seconds. And the marketers are using it to market while informing about the subject.

It will be easy for people to understand and know about your brand through the wiki page. The engaging and convincing tone makes the audience to try or buy your products and services.

Brand Awareness

If you want people to know about the depth of your business, including the history, early days, popular achievements, and more. You can use Wikipedia to let the audience know about your business in detail. You can improve your brand authenticity by using Wikipedia.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Wikipedia Page When You Hire A Freelancer?

Creating a Wikipedia page has to be on your budget. It is necessary. If you talk about freelance, on average, the freelancer on platforms like Upwork charges between $35/hour to $80/hour. Most experience freelancer Wikipedia specialists can charge up to $150/hour. The freelancer mostly charges by the hour. You can find many freelancers who create the Wikipedia page for you. Wikipedia page creation cost depends on the freelancer you choose. But there are things that you have to ensure before hiring a freelancer Wikipedia page creator.

  • Check their previous works and portfolio.
  • Make sure that the freelancer you choose is friendly because this collaboration will be long-term.
  • Set milestones till the completion of the project and release the cost to create a Wikipedia page.
  • Ensure that the freelancer will work on a specific timeline.

Features On Wikipedia That Will Benefit You

Wikipedia has several out-of-the-box features that allow users to get the best out of the platform. This information warehouse has too much to offer to the readers as well as the users or creators.

Turn Wikipedia Pages Into eBooks.

One of the most useful features of Wikipedia is that you can turn any Wikipedia page into a PDF, ODF, or ePUB file. It also allows printing the book. You can bundle different Wikipedia pages in a file. It helps the users to get everything together instead of scattered files. It makes it easy to keep track of all information you require.

  • Visit the page you want to print.
  • On the left side of the page, you will see the print/export option. From here, you can download the page as a pdf or print it directly. Choose the option to continue.
  • if you want to print more than one page, then choose the create a book option from the same print/export section.
  • Then, you can format your book and store it on your Wikipedia account and print it whenever you want.

Voice Recording Of Celebrities

Wikipedia has the sound recording feature. The platform experimented with voice recordings of celebrities and pinned them on their Wikipedia pages. Such as the Wikipedia page of Stephen Fry. He is a UK actor, comedian, writer, activist, and present has his voice recording on his Wikipedia page. In the recording, the celebrity states his name, birthplace, and experience in the entertainment industry. You can also use this feature on your page to make it more attractive.

Wikipedia’s Random Article Tool

Wikipedia has a random article tool that gives a different result every time you click on it. You can find the button on the left of any Wikipedia page. This is fun to land on a different article every time. It is a good option when you want to read but don’t know what to read. You can gather information about random stuff and enhance your knowledge.


The Wiki Games

Maybe most of you don’t know that you can also game on Wikipedia. The wiki game is an informational game that helps you develop logical thinking as well, as you can spend some fun time exploring the platform. The game starts with an article page, and you have given the name of another article page. You have to reach from one article to the given one in as few clicks as possible.

It is a fun game with great mental exercise.


Write And Edit Wikipedia Page With Excellence

Writing, editing, and maintaining a Wikipedia page is hectic. You have to keep a regular check on your page. But before this, the writing and editing phase on Wikipedia should follow simple guidelines.

Avoid Conflict Of Interest

Editors are responsible for ensuring that the work does not pose a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest is the editing that involves contribution on Wikipedia about yourself, family, friends, clients, employees, or any other relationship.

If you want to create a page about someone or something but doubt conflict of interest, then you can consult a neutral third party to do the work for you. Now, if you ask does it costs money to make a Wikipedia page through a third party, then the answer is yes.

Wikipedia Content Assessment Guidelines

Anything you publish on Wikipedia has to be linked by the quotes and verified source. These types of sources are usually known as articles on reliable, third-party, published, reputed sources for fact-checking and accuracy. You can use verifiable university-level textbooks, published books by reputed authors, business catalogs, magazines, journals, mainstream newspapers, etc. You can read the content assessment guideline to understand the content standards of Wikipedia.

Keep in mind that Wikipedia does not publish original research. And every article must have a good number of citations from external sources. Wikipedia content must have a neutral point of view. If you are writing about a person or any other living subject, make sure you familiarize yourself with the notability guidelines. You can go through Wikipedia to help your first article page learn about the platform and its formation.

Hiring the editor for your Wikipedia page is much more convenient because they know everything about the platform, and it will cost you a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $300 to avail of the services.

How much does it cost to edit a Wikipedia page? No doubt a good amount is needed to get professional editing services. That is why make sure to follow the guidelines, so little to less editing requires.

When Will Your Wikipedia Page Get Approved?

The Wikipedia page approval depends on various factors. But if you want to know the estimated duration, it can take days, weeks, or sometimes up to months to get your Wikipedia page approved. But the estimated duration is three to six months. No one wants to wait for that long period of time just to get rejected. So, make sure that you read and follow all the guidelines by Wikipedia and provide the best final draft to the platform.


There are some most frequently asked questions regarding Wikipedia page creation and its cost.

Does It Cost Money To Make A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is absolutely free for everyone. You can create an account on the platform, read the guidelines, understand the basics, edit the existing pages and create your own page without any charges. But if you want to hire a third party to make an account for yourself or your business, then it will cost you the amount.

How Much Does It Cost To Edit A Wikipedia Page?

Anyone can edit any article on Wikipedia for free. If you want to hire a professional to edit the Wikipedia page for you, then it may cost you $50 to $300 approximately. Keep in mind that the cost might fluctuate depending upon different factors.

So, this is the complete guide about how much does it cost to make a Wikipedia page? Along with the considerable guidelines that any writer or editor should follow to get the page approved. Apart from this, the benefits of having a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business. The features on Wikipedia are also discussed so that you can avail of the benefits from them.

How much to create a Wikipedia page? Now you have all the estimated ranges for the Wikipedia page.

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